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Ara the Tiefling Druid — Prints Now Available!

DnD Tiefling Druid

**Update – June 2018**  Ara the Tiefling Druid is now a full illustration! I’ve modified this to have a better composition for prints. The original was nice, but was missing the background I wanted and a slightly tweaked pose. I have phone cases, tablet cases, laptop cases and bags all available over on my  COSAMO ART Redbubble store. Stickers and art prints will be along soon!

Ara the Tiefling Druid
Ara the Teifling Druid
Ara the Tiefling
Ara the Tiefling

The original pose and lineart for my illustration.  I liked this composition, but I wasn’t a huge fan of how the figure was cropped off at the bottom. I loved the warm fall colors, but wanted to add more color than just a flat background.

This character is “Ara” my DnD5e tiefling druid that I recently created for my second session ever and ended up drawing and coloring her digitally. Most Dungeons and Dragons druids seem to have a spring theme with lots of green and blue colors. I thought a purple skinned, devilish-looking tiefling would have the opposite of that — a “fall-druid.”

Last time I played it was over ten years ago! I was actually the DM. It went better than expected. First off, the D&D Starter Set is solid for someone who has never played of DM’ed before. Second, my friend who does improv was a hoot. Collaborative storytelling and world building is the best.

Wanting to get your own character drawn up for your DnD campaign? If you’re a fan of my style, wander on over to my commissions page and I’ll help bring your character to life! →

Jake Wakefield
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  • Temporary Fool May 3, 2018 3:06 am

    Neat. Saw this on Imgur.

    • Temproary Fool June 25, 2018 10:19 pm

      It’s neat

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