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She-Ra Returns!

The big news in animation this week is that She-Ra is being rebooted by Dreamworks. I swear that every artist I follow on social media drew her. So I had to too. Why? Because drawing badass women in power stands is fun! (Check out my Wonder Woman illustration for another good example.) I grew up drawing Dragonball Z characters on all my school books, so bad-ass power poses are just fun to me.

That being said, I honestly have never seen the original She-Ra! But it came out in 1985 and is a cult classic. I actually know next to nothing about the character or the original series. I knew that she had something to do with He-Man and The Masters of the Universe. I only really know about that because I loved Queen as a kid and this song rocked my little kid face. I know it’s technically from Highlander, but they sounded similar and when I looked them up as a youngster, I found out about Masters of the Universe too.

I’m hoping that they drop a trailer about it during San Diego Comic Con this weekend so I know a little more. Heck, I’m looking forward to all sorts of new from SDCC next week. I’ll have to be ready to draw lots and lots of fan art.


she-ra dreamworks reboot preview

Dreamwork’s new design has her with a much more sturdy upper body than the original barbie-esque design. I can’t help but think of the Saiyan armor from Dragon Ball Z when I see those pauldrons though. Apparently, and not surprisingly, people are freaking out about the new design. But that’s all par for the course when you’re rebooting.


I added a little more definition to the original design, since unlike animators, I don’t have to draw this design thousands of times so it doesn’t have to be as streamlined. I could only imagine the nightmare that animating high detail hair and musculature is. Stuff like that is why I’m not an animator.


A few of the comp sketches for She-Ra. I always wanted the top-down dramatic perspective look. But the angle was a hassle to get right for me.

Jake Wakefield
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