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Mermay 2018 – Lineart


Happy Mermay 2018 folks. Heck happy May holidays to everyone. Happy May the 4th. Happy Cinco De Mayo. Happy Piccolo Day (Google it). Happy Memorial Day. Happy Mothers’ Day. Happy  May! Happy summer break to all you students and teachers out there as well. They days keep getting warmer and longer and Spring is always nice.

Of course, I’m not even sure how Mermay came to exist. But here I am, drawing mermaids because they’re mythological creatures and they’re actually pretty cool. My third favorite musical as a kid was Little Mermaid. Lets be real here, Lion King was number one and Aladdin number two. Shout out to my folks who, with patience I cannot fathom, drove us a thousand miles to Disneyland with nothing more than the Lion King cassette on infinite repeat. Follow me on instagram so you can see when I post the colored version! →


My Mermay entry from from 2017. I drew this in pencil then cleaned it up with ink pens and Copic markers. It’s fanart for a book called Rescue Sirens.

Jake Wakefield
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