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Adventure Team Ink Illustration

Memorial Day Sketching

Adventure Team Ink Illustration 1
Adventure Team Ink Illustration
Adventure Team Ink Illustration 2

I originally drew this in the guestbook up at Squaw Mountain Fire Tower, but the page fell out. I ended up contributing a page from one of my sketchbooks, with the help of some duct tape. The sketches should still be up there, if you ever visit.

This post isn’t as much about a new polished print or illustration but just about some fun backcountry doodling. I usually go out adventuring with a small sketchbook and a pen or pencil or two. That way I can draw, doodle or sketch up any character or world building ideas that pop into my head. This is where this little Adventure Team came from – sitting in a fire tower 120000 feet with good friends looking out over Colorado’s plains.


Ever played Firewatch by Campo Santo? I believe this was the tower that inspired amazing art and locations in that videogame. The characters I drew up were a simple enough little team.

If you follow the sketchbook blog or follow me over at instagram you’ve seen my little dog avatar I use. Here’s the original post about it on my blog. I created custom illustrated avatars in ink for each of my friends that came along as well. A friendly mushroom spirit, a grumpy serval cat and a leggy bird that exclusively speaks French. If you don’t know what a serval is, google it. It’s like a fancy, leggy wild cat native to Africa.

Now a bunch of my friends want their own avatars. On the hunt for your own avatar for your own role playing game or just want to have some custom art to make your digital life a little more colorful? There are still a few spots on my commission queue open. Grab one for your own adventures. →

Jake Wakefield
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