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June Fan Art Compilation

These were a few fan art images that weren’t really worth their own post. First is a fan art created as part of one of the Draw in your style hashtags that are going around right now. The original character was created by comic artist Carlotta Dicataldo.

Second piece of fan art was a for-fun digital sketch I did for the band Ninja Sex Party. I was listening to their stuff on YouTube. If you’re fans of Game Grumps, like I obviously am (see my other post on Monster Prom), then you’ll recognize Danny Sexbang and Finn Wolfheart from the their new video “Danny Don’t You Know.”

Third is a fan art sketch of the very famous Korean video gamer turned mech pilot D-Va from Blizzard’s Overwatch. I originally drew that with just mechanical pencils and ended up coloring it in photoshop just to experiment with coloring over a traditional media sketch.

Want to see me draw a character from your favorite game or movie? Leave a comment or get in touch on social media. I’m doubly likely to draw if I think it’s awesome too.

Jake Wakefield
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