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Monster Prom Polly - head

I don’t play dating sims…

Monster Prom Polly - Full Color
Monster Prom Polly - Lineart
Monster Prom Polly - Sketch

But I watch so many people play them. 

Despite my recent post about helping build a horror game/dating sim I don’t actually play dating sims. I don’t think I’m really in the target demographic, being older and whatnot. Okay, I played Dream Daddy with my good friend because that game was really good looking and seemed funny! That being said I love watching comedians play dating sims and horror games. There’s so much opportunity for some good laughs when grown up adults are thrust into these awkward dating situations. Never too old for a good laugh, right?

Jumping right to the point — I watched the Game Grumps play through of monster prom and felt compelled to draw the party-loving ghost Polly. I’m not a big fan of PieceOfCake’s colorful art style.

Jake Wakefield
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