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Zea Sketch Concept Detail

Everspring Character Sketches

Zea Concept Sketches
Cowallian Tiderider Concept Art
Zea Sketch Concept Detail
Steppan Ranger Concept Sketch

Sketching out quick concepts like these help me plan out little details about cultures and characters; much more than just building out a character sheet that’s only a text-description. All of these sketches are worldbuilding sketches for Everspring, the novel I’ve been working on for a few months. I haven’t really been talking about too much since I’ve been knee deep in editing the first draft.

A little about the characters that I can tell. The woman with glasses is actually a character that got cut. She was a mage that had to get a side-gig working as a waitress. The mustache bearing man and woman with hat are both concept sketches for cultures within the same world. The former being a more sea-faring culture and the later being a highland desert culture.

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Jake Wakefield
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