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Ara the Tiefling Druid — Prints Now Available!

DnD Tiefling Druid

**Update – June 2018**  Ara the Tiefling Druid is now a full illustration! I’ve modified this to have a better composition for prints. The original was nice, but was missing the background I wanted and a slightly tweaked pose. I have phone cases, tablet cases, laptop cases and bags all available over on my  COSAMO ART Redbubble store. Stickers and art prints will be along soon!

Ara the Tiefling Druid
Ara the Teifling Druid
Ara the Tiefling
Ara the Tiefling

The original pose and lineart for my illustration.  I liked this composition, but I wasn’t a huge fan of how the figure was cropped off at the bottom. I loved the warm fall colors, but wanted to add more color than just a flat background.

This character is “Ara” my DnD5e tiefling druid that I recently created for my second session ever and ended up drawing and coloring her digitally. Most Dungeons and Dragons druids seem to have a spring theme with lots of green and blue colors. I thought a purple skinned, devilish-looking tiefling would have the opposite of that — a “fall-druid.”

Last time I played it was over ten years ago! I was actually the DM. It went better than expected. First off, the D&D Starter Set is solid for someone who has never played of DM’ed before. Second, my friend who does improv was a hoot. Collaborative storytelling and world building is the best.

Wanting to get your own character drawn up for your DnD campaign? If you’re a fan of my style, wander on over to my commissions page and I’ll help bring your character to life! →

/X/Tan Bust Sketch

A Forgotten Project: Forgotten Existence

XTAN Character Sprite
Ozoi Character Sprite
Alice the Succubus Character Sprite
The Butcher Character Sprite
Blood Mary Character Sprite
Ghost Jackie Character Sprite

Six of the eight dateable options for the game Forgotten Existence. 4chan’s paranormal board’s own X-tan and Ozoi, who I believe was a horror character from another similar image board. Both were characters that existed before the game was conceived, but were owned by no person in particular. A succubus named Alice, a mysterious character named “the butcher,” “Bloody Mary,” and a ghost named “Jackie” were all created for the game based on horror creatures tropes or classic urban legends.

/X/Tan Bust Sketch
XTAN Character Sprite
/X/TAN Concept Sketch

Art I created of X-tan, the avatar/mascot of 4chan’s paranormal board. I’m not sure how the mythos of the character has evolved since the olden days but back then X-tan fluctuated between being a female and male. I suppose you could call the character non-binary. They were known for being a lover or horror movies and had a affinity for dark magic. You can just read all about the tradition of board mascots over on Know Your Meme.

Happy throw-back Thursday artist buddies. My sort of recent post about DDLC reminded me of an indie game I helped out with nearly a decade ago. If you follow the indie game scene for a few years, you might remember the game Katawa Shoujo. It was a dating sim that was released in 2012 by a Four Leaf Studios, a clever name for a group that started on 4chan. (Their logo is a four-leafed clover.) I mention that game because the game I helped out on, Forgotten Existence, was also a dating sim that originated on 4chan. In this case, Forgotten Existence originated on the paranormal (/x/) board.

Scientist Concept
Succubus (Alice) Concept Sketches
The Butcher Concept Sketches
The "GreatMother" Concept

Additional character sketches and concepts that were never quite finished included: a Victor Frankenstein inspired mad-scientist, an amphibious humanoid, a narcissistic vampire and a mad knight-templar.

It never quite got past an alpha release though. It was a game build by passionate hobbyists. Like so many of those games do, excitement fizzled without a monetary incentive to keep working hard. The game would have been a horror theme escape-room style puzzle solving game disguised as a dating sim. I have no idea what happened to the dispersed team. It was fun at the time, but I wouldn’t count on it coming back from the dead.

Weirdly enough, working on this game was the reason “cosamo” became my online artist avatar. At the time, I was still using my “csujake” name that I made when I first signed up for DeviantArt. The old csujake Deviant Art page is still up, like a little time capsule filled with my old illustrations. Now that’s a throwback. I miss the art community that was there. Doing comic collaborations with other awesome artists was a great way to learn early on. But, so, csujake wasn’t a clever name. I’m Jake and I went to Colorado State University (CSU). It’s simple. But most people were reading it as “tzu-jah-kay” as if it were a Japanese word. So I switched over to cosamo, which is just where I live, Colorado (CO), plus my favorite art piece at the time, the Nike of Samothrace (SAMO). It was nothing fancy.

Anyways, I wonder whatever happened to the old team. I hope they went on to make cool things.

Zea Sketch Concept Detail

Everspring Character Sketches

Zea Concept Sketches
Cowallian Tiderider Concept Art
Zea Sketch Concept Detail
Steppan Ranger Concept Sketch

Sketching out quick concepts like these help me plan out little details about cultures and characters; much more than just building out a character sheet that’s only a text-description. All of these sketches are worldbuilding sketches for Everspring, the novel I’ve been working on for a few months. I haven’t really been talking about too much since I’ve been knee deep in editing the first draft.

A little about the characters that I can tell. The woman with glasses is actually a character that got cut. She was a mage that had to get a side-gig working as a waitress. The mustache bearing man and woman with hat are both concept sketches for cultures within the same world. The former being a more sea-faring culture and the later being a highland desert culture.

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Rosevat Character Concept Sketch

Everspring Worldbuilding Sketches

Everspring City Concept
Rosevat Character Concept Sketch
Steppan Culture Concept Sketch
Steppan Woman Concept Art

Another worldbuilding post for Everspring . This is part of the reason I carry around a N1 and N4 Copic markers all the time. It’s so helpful being able to add just a bit of shading to concept sketches. This sort of sketch helps a lot. It lets me visualize the space and the staging when I’m writing chapters and helps me plan out the differences between unique locations and cultures.