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Selkie Color

The Mysterious Selkie

Selkie Lineart
Selkie Color

Selkies are a transforming type of humanoid born form legends in Northern Europe. They can swim through the ocean as a seal and can remove their seal-skin when they want to go on land. I’m familiar with a few creatures that have similar shapeshifting abilities, but I can’t think of any that can be imprisoned if you capture their item that lets them shapeshift or a piece of them? Also, most of the stories are creepy stories about people taking their seal-skin as a prize and forcing the selkie into marriage. So that’s, you know, creepy.

Does anyone have a good myth or legend to share about them? Are there many contemporary stories about selkies? Please teach me! Until then please enjoy the commission I did recently of a Selkie character that a fan requested. I’m off to spend a few hours hunting down details on selkie lore.

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