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Adventure Dog Stickers

What’s in his backpack? A tent, treats and his favorite book “White Fang.”

Look at that cute little doggo sticker. He’s a stout little pupper, a real good boi, with a heart full of adventure. He’s all ready to go exploring with his big old backpack full of Shiba sized tents and doggie sized sleeping bags. Maybe he’ll go backpacking on the John Muir Trail next? Maybe he’ll go hiking with his friends down in Patagonia? Maybe he’ll go bless the rains down in Africa? So many things to explore and and such short shiba-inu legs to explore with.

You should probably pick up some stickers of this good boy so that you can stick him on your luggage or your car or maybe even your laptop. That way he can get out and explore and see the world. (He very much wants to.) Sure, he’s only an illustration of a dog, but that’s not going to stop this brave guy’s drive to live his cute little life to the fullest. Plus, it’s always good to have a sticker of a dog on your stuff. It helps prove that you’re a good person, and that’s science right there.

This sticker is a high-definition digital illustration based on the original doggo sketch I did a while back. Turns out a lot of people wanted a copy of him as a sticker. (Really, there were a lot of requests for this one.) If you want more cute things, sign up for the newsletter so you can stay in the loop on when more prints and stickers go up! While you’re here, why not leave a comment with the sort of dogs, or (dare I say) cats, I should draw next?

Jake Wakefield
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